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About me

It's all about having fun! If you love what you do it isn't work! You will notice that I am always in motion, always looking for that unique angle, reflection or to get that shadow in just the right place. I have even been known to climb a tree to get that special perspective from above. I will always offer suggestions for those adventurous enough to try something new for some great photos.


Photographing weddings for over 20 years, I still find new ways to approach the day. It is more than just documenting the day but also about capturing the emotions, expressions and laughter with your friends

and family.

When not photographing weddings I create sculptures out of stone and metal. Taking trips to the Southwest to get the stones and and camping out in the desert adds to the whole experience. The process of creating (both photography and art) is something that is ever changing and constantly evolving. There is always a new way to see something and the best part is having fun along the way!

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